Kidnapping victims Select So Hermit

A kidnap victim , Natascha Kampusch ( see photo ) , has become a recluse because of a ’ horror ’ when in contact with others . Austrian women aged 26, had to stop his studies and no longer follow the driving lessons because he panicked when he met the instructor .

He said , he no longer likes children and rarely make new friends . He is no longer open up and rarely use Twitter .

Kampusch was optimistic about his future after successfully rid themselves of Wolfgang Priklopil in 2006 after being held captive for over eight years .

But anxiety is now destroying his chances for education . ” Regular contact with fellow students truly is a horror scenario for me , ” he said .

The story of his ordeal recently made ​​into a movie starring Irish actress Antonia Campbell - Hughes .

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Kampusch has added significant weight . He is now different from the emaciated figure of Campbell - Hughes who confessed to a massive diet in order to act as a kidnapping victim was in a movie called 3096 Days it .


Minister: Youth So Piles Indonesia

Commerce Minister Muhammad Lutfi Indonesian judge will have a bright future. This can be achieved if the act is done in line with the heart.

"When the heart works the same right we could see it changed everything," said Lutfi, Monday (21/4) in the event of awarding figures Republika Changes in Jakarta.

According to him, from playing football affairs to education will all make a difference if done with care.

"So I believe that it is the young ones will be piling into the next Indonesia.

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When one works with the liver, Indonesia will become a great nation, “he said.


Yogyakarta police findings will Restore Money USD 510 Million

Yogyakarta Police Chief Brigadier General Haka Astana said it would refund the money of Rp 510 million were confiscated by the police in South Mountain to its owner . Supervisory Committee and the South Mountain Bawaslu DIY suspect that money is a form of political money for winning the Hanafi Rais , prospective legislators from the House of Representatives of the National Mandate Party . But the two institutions fails to prove it . ” Because not meet the elements of the criminal provisions of general or specific , ” Haka said when met at Kepatihan Yogyakarta , Monday, April 21, 2014 .

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Some criminal elements are, among others , that the existence of money it does not meet unusur Article 110 of the Code of Criminal of conspiracy to commit a crime . “The money is also not proven to be counterfeit. So the elements of the crime spread of counterfeit money is not proven , “said Haka .

The problem is , because the money was found before the general election . According to the Haka , finding the money has been handed over to the Election Supervisory Committee Gunung Kidul and DIY Election Supervisory Board for discussion in plenary session . ” The goal is to make sure there is no element or election violations , ” he said . Previous Hanafi Rais denied any involvement with the findings money .

Previous South Mountain Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Zulkarnain Faried also stated , although Supervisory Committee closed the case but he was not going to return the money to anyone if the person claiming to be the owner can not show proof of ownership of the money . ” Still we will not submit , as proof of ownership of the basic requirements , ” Faried said Friday.

The results of the plenary session of Supervisory Committee and Election Supervisory Body said there was no element of election violations in the case of money finding half a billion dollars with the PAN attributes . So far, the Haka is still waiting for the decision , whether Eko Satria Hermawan , residents of Surabaya , the so-called boss of sending money courier who is the owner of the money. “If true , the money will be returned to him . Since it is not my money . After that , yes finished , “said Haka .


Prabowo shaken Rp 14 Trillion Debt Issues

President Director of PT Kertas Nusantara , Pattern Winson , denied allegations that mention the company he leads has a debt of Rp 14 trillion . In fact , he considered the issue aimed at Chairman of the Board of Trustees of name dropping Gerindra Prabowo .

" The information circulating on BBM , facebook , twitter , and other social media stating PT Kertas Nusantara still have debt so large it is misleading , " said Winson , in a written statement on Friday .

According to Winson , chain messages on debt PT Kertas Nusantara deliberately disseminated by political opponents of presidential candidate Prabowo Gerindra through social media to discredit the name of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gerindra .

" Prabowo name is often associated with the company he led, given since 2002 , Prabowo has a majority stake in PT Nusantara paper , " said Winson again .
He explains Nusantara PT Paper (formerly PT Kiani Kertas ) during 1991 to 2001 143 borrowed money from lenders to finance the company’s expansion .

In the period 2005 to 2011, the company had experienced difficulty in paying off the loan is due.

But in November 2011, all debt payments problems already solved in the Commercial Court with debt restructuring .

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" We must remember , Prabowo is a very powerful businessman . Prabowo may not allow the company that he had no stock for debt settlement . We all know , in 2005, Prabowo himself who drove the bank to cash money amounting to Rp 2.1 trillion to pay off PT Kertas Nusantara loan from the bank due, "said Winson anyway .


This sekdes Manipulation Acquisition Candidates Vote-by-grandson

Abdul Rahman , Village Secretary Sibolong pods , District Mattirosompe , Pinrang , South Sulawesi forced to deal with the Supervisory Committee inflated because of him the voice of one county legislative candidates . Performers recapitulation falsify results for a particular candidate .

Abdul Rahman checked Pinrang Supervisory Committee Law Division on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) . To , Ripah Ward , a member of the Supervisory Committee Pinrang said , the sekdes strong person is alleged to have helped increase the vote for one candidate number 5 constituency II of the United Development Party on behalf Azwan Asr .

" Mode is used, the person intentionally added to the number of votes of the PPP candidate . Reason that candidates only get one vote , but was changed to 13 votes , " he said .

The vote inflation , said Ripah , each TPS 1 of 1 sound to 13 sounds and TPS 4 of 9 votes to 39 votes.

" While we are still collecting evidence related abuses such sekdes elements . Included will call a number of witnesses . We will take legal action if proven , " he explained .

While in front of the Supervisory Committee Pinrang Legal Division team , Abdul Rahman admitted blunder . He reasoned , was forced to add the numbers on the two results recap voice because he wanted to help his grandson , who was none other than the PPP candidate .

" I err . Intention I just want to help grandchildren to be able to log in as a member of Parliament, " he said .

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For a while , threatened sekdes fired from the position , secured in Mapolsek Mattirosompe .


Need Entertainment for Kids Cancer Forget for a moment illness was

Many people used the weekend to let go of tired, bored and stres.Hal also performed for children with cancer from anyo Foundation Indonesia (YAI) and the Oncology Children’s Foundation Indonesia (YOAI).

Since the morning the children are already enthusiastically lined up in one place for recreation in Jakarta, “They are very enthusiastic about the event is held Backpacker Society. Boys were prepared from 05.00 hours, 10.00 hours when Seaworld open,” said Chairman of YAI, Pinta Manullang Panggabean, who met in the Backpacker Social Service Society, Sunday (04/13/2014).

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"I’m so happy, every day is usually just look at the hospital and medication. These days see a lot of big fish," said Bagasse, Cancer Leukemia.

Bagasse is not only enthusiastic, everything felt different this weekend. “I want to see dolphins, dugongs, turtles and others. I’m happy,” said Edbert, the Bone Cancer.

This social event was held with the aim to take the children with cancer who suffered a moment forget condition. “We would like to invite them to see the world play. Moment makes them forget the illness, they’ll get bored with routine treatment. Not only the funds that we provide, but we gave them an entertainment as well,” said Chairman Backpacker Society, Amanda Rosi who met on the sidelines during the event.

Children’s Cancer Patients Need Entertainment

According to the chairman Ade YOAI Rohimah, entertaining events such as this is needed for cancer patients.

"They need encouragement, they definitely feel bored, tired of the routine treatment. Event that is entertaining or a vacation to a place of recreation that is needed for them," said Ade.

Pinta was saying the same thing, “In addition to hospital treatment, children with cancer also need entertainment. They are happy with it can help cure them. Liver happy hormones can trigger either keep them excited,” said Pinta.

Pinta and Ade hope there will be more concerned with children with cancer and their need to be comforted.

"Hopefully there will be more events like this that diadakanBackpacker Society. Fund is needed as well, but they also need entertainment. We have to keep them happy and excited," they said.

The same expectations expressed Manda, “We hope there will be another community or NGO’s that follow. If there are funds, time and energy why not invite them on vacation. Makes them happy,” said Manda.


2,000 Homes Burned, 12 Killed in Fires in Chile

Forest fires are still raging in the city of Valparaiso , Chile , which began last Saturday . A total of 2,000 homes have been destroyed by fire , 12 people were killed roast .

Reported by Reuters on Sunday, April 13, 2014 , thousands of people evacuated by air to escape from the flames . The fire is getting bigger because of the strong Pacific winds , burned 700 hectares of forest land and settlements in the hills , the La Cruz and Las Canas .

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Fire fighting is done by dropping water from a plane or helicopter . It’s been two days blackouts done , the fire still redden city , black smoke was still billowing in the air .

At least 2,000 soldiers were deployed to the scene , and 1,250 firefighters tried to extinguish the fire . A total of 17 fire- derived aircraft . The area is hilly and narrow streets make outages of landline difficult.

Controlled fire can be a bit on Sunday . ” Still not fully extinguished , ” said a local government official , Ricardo Bravo .

President Michelle Bachelet declared a state of emergency and sent troops to secure the city . Marines seen patrolling the streets , while ambulances descended to care for residents who have difficulty breathing or injured .

More than 10,000 people were evacuated occupy camps . More than 500 families lost their homes .

" We try to remember our home form , but no longer . We will rebuild , " said the resident , Jose Miguel Rivera , 59 , whose home had become ashes .


OnePlus One Will Release in 16 Countries, Including Indonesia?

New vendors , OnePlus continue to campaign their first flagship smartphone , the One . Much awaited by some gadget lover , OnePlus One is ready to be released in 16 countries around the world . Is Indonesia?

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Through its official Facebook account OnePlus , the company has released a sneak picture detailing the countries that are going to get their flagship smartphone . Including visible only Austria and Germany but the rest of the 14 slots are still dark and secret.

13oneplus One Release Countries Countries 1Oneplus One Release 1

Of the number of other countries that will get the Smartphone One kemungjunan would include China and the United States ( U.S. ) , as reported by GSMArena .

One OnePlus also expected to be released in Indonesia , because Indonesia is a developing country that has the potential to market the gadget .

Gradually OnePlus may reveal other countries until 23 April tomorrow . OnePlus One is also expected to be released at the price of € 350 in the European market .

OnePlus One will be released with Android OS CyanogenMod KitKat , equipped with a quad - core 2.5 GHz Krait Snapdragon chipset CPU 801 this phone will also combined with 3 GB of RAM . In addition to the 5.5 -inch screen 1080 pixels , this phone will be equipped denngan non-removable battery capacity of 3,100 mAh , 13MP camera lens from Sony Exmor IMX214 6 at 5 MP at rear and front . storage options will be 16 GB and 64 GB .


Police hunting three employees skipper meatballs in Tangerang

Mystery death of skipper meatballs in Suwarno ( 40 ) , in the freezer is still under investigation by the police . Police are still hunting for the existence of three employees who worked in the shop meatballs victim .

" We’re still doing the investigation , " said Invisible Criminal Tangerang City Police , Commissioner Siswo Yowono while journalists confirmed on Saturday ( 12/04/2014 ) .

Siswo also said , after the death of the victim in his meatball shop , Bhayangkara Road , RT 01 / 01 , # 9 , Village Nails Jaya , District of North Serpong , South Tangerang ( Tangerang ) , Friday, April 11, 2014 evening , three employees were also stolen .

" We’re still looking for a third , " he said simply .

Asked whether this vile act leads to the third , Siswo reluctant to answer it clearly . He just said the case is being investigated further.

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Previously reported , the police found a number of injuries on the victim ‘s body in anataranya at the back waist , back , bruises , bloody throat cut and head after while identifying victims evacuated from the freezer .


XL and Axis Official So One Company

XL Axiata telecom companies and Axis Telekom Indonesia has now become a business entity after the two signed the deed of merger , Tuesday ( 04/08/2014 ) .

With this merger , XL and Axis means united into one entity serving more than 65 million subscribers in Indonesia . President Director and CEO of XL Axiata , Hasnul Suhaimi said this merger marks the start of the consolidation of the telecommunications industry in Indonesia .

" We thank and high appreciation for the support of all stakeholders , especially regulators , shareholders and consumers XL and Axis , so that the merger can ultimately be realized , " Hasnul said in a press release .

Hasnul promising this merger will provide better service and reach more customers throughout Indonesia .

XL completing payment transactions amounted to 865 million U.S. dollars to acquire Axis on March 19, 2014 .

After this , the two companies will carry out the integration in all areas , including network integration , customers , tariff system , until the employee resources . The integration will be led by Ongki Kurniawan , Chief Service Management Officer of XL Axiata . Once the integration is complete , the baton will be back to Hasnul .

It is not known how many employees Axis and divisions will be recruited by XL . Hasnul just said Axis will hire employees in accordance with company requirements .

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For a while XL will retain the brand , services , and Axis rates in order to maintain customer comfort . Later , Axis customers who want to do consulting or complaints can be served at the XL Center