Harga Singer Mesin Jahit Elektrik

 Terbaru Singer Mesin Jahit Elektrik Simple 3232 Putih Terlaris

SInger Simple 3232 mesin jahit elektrik multifungsi, jahit lurus , zigzag, soom, semi obras , semi neci dan bordir manual. Portable , ringan mudah dibawa dan dioperasikan diatas meja apapun. Menggunakan sistim lengan bebas memudahkan menjahit kerah baju, lengan baju serta bagian sulit lainnya

Spek Singer Mesin Jahit Elektrik Simple 3232 – Putih
Model = Simple 3232

Berat (kg) = 7
Garansi produk = 1 tahun garansi suku cadang dan servisGaransi tidak diberikan penggantian suku cadang yang rusak karena kesalahan pemakaian atau kelalaian serta aus
Warna = Putih
Kehebatan Singer Mesin Jahit Elektrik Simple 3232 – Putih
32 pola jahitan
1 langkah pelubang kancing
pasang kancing
bobbin otomatis
Pemasang benang otomatis
Kelengkapan Singer Mesin Jahit Elektrik Simple 3232 – Putih
Mesin jahit
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Make Cheap Toshiba Windows Tablet

Toshiba tried to increase sales by making a Windows-based tablet devices affordable prices in order to compete with Android tablets . The Japanese company has just launched Encore 2 tablet running the Windows 8.1 operating system .

As quoted from The Verge , Encore 2 tablet comes in an 8-inch is priced at 199 dollars and 10 inches are priced 269 U.S. dollars .

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Encore 2 with a size of 8 inches , carries a screen resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels , quad - core processor Intel Atom , 1GB RAM , and 32GB of internal memory which can be expanded with the addition of a MicroSD card . Toshiba claims that this tablet can last for 8 to 10 hours .

Encore also carried similar specs to the size of 10 inches . Toshiba also offers a choice of specifications enlarge RAM and internal memory , which of course would cost extra .

All of these tablets have been accompanied by a cloud -based office applications Office 365 that can be used for free for a year . It also supports Toshiba’s Wireless Display technology to connect the tablet to other Toshiba devices .

In addition to Windows tablets , Toshiba also announced the Android-based tablet named 7-inch Excite Go . This product is also priced at a bargain price , 109 dollars .



Principals Lazy headquarter, Instructions to Liege Delivered via Mail

Lazy to come to school and often absent for weeks , head junior Suppirang in Pinrang , South Sulawesi communicate with subordinates through correspondence .

The school principal has often given instuksi to teachers through a letter sent by public transport drivers . Safekeeping letter principals are generally attached to the wall of the school so that other teachers can directly read the contents of the message from the boss . In addition to the principal, there are also teachers who are often absent beminggu - week .

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In observation Kompas.com , this condition makes the room teachers and principals more empty seats filled . On the walls of the room teacher tacked a piece of paper containing information that is mild to the instructions from the principal to the teachers who entered . While the principal room more closed and padlocked .

Deputy Head SMP Suppirang , Sulaiman recognizes teachers and principals often absent for weeks , do not carry out their duties of educating students . He considered it to be understood because they have many other affairs .

" Communication teachers and principals often melalaui letter . Problem signature authority , I think teachers need to meet the principal town for autograph directly if there are matters that must be signed , "said Sulaiman , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .



-Candidates Debate vice presidential candidate will be broadcast 5 times

General Elections Commission ( KPU ) did draw television station broadcast a debate entitled presidential candidate (candidates ) and his running mate ( vice ) for the 2014 presidential election .

The candidates debate will be broadcast five times . Two-time presidential candidate debate involving between two times between running mate , and one pair presidential and vice presidential debates .

RCTI broadcasts entitled vice presidential candidate debate on June 29 . This is the second debate for the vice presidential candidate .

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Commissioner Commission Rizkiyansyah Ferry Kurnia said , even though the TV station has been appointed as the executor of the debate , but other channels can join for coordinating with the broadcast TV station that the organizer .

" TV stations are designated the main executor only , others can do the TV broadcast relay or direct coordination with the TV so implementers debate , " said Kurnia Rizkyansyah Ferry Building Commission , Jalan Imam Bonjol , Jakarta , Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) .

Model execution and order debate will be formulated with a team of experts including qualified moderators . In general, these candidates debate lasted 90 minutes and the duration of the commercial break 30 minutes . TV stations are also required to broadcast public service announcements .

According to Ferry , is implementing broadcast TV stations that previously filed petition . TV stations are broadcasting directly appointed also required to provide clean feeds in an attempt disseminate information about the presidential election widely.

The issues raised in this debate comes to politics , law , corruption , governance , and socio-cultural . ” There is no theme per debate , still outline . Later, the theme will be discussed again , ” he said .



Suryadharma Ali, Minister Active Both were charged KPK

Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali is the second active minister who snared the Corruption Eradication Commission .

Before Suryadharma , there Andi Mallarangeng KPK set when he was the Minister of Youth and Sports . Andi Commission designated as suspects in the alleged corruption surrounding Hambalang project in December 2012 .

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On Thursday ( 22.05.2014 ) , the Commission announced the establishment Suryadharma as a suspect in a corruption case related to the organization of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in fiscal year 2012-2013 .

As Menag , Suryadharma allegedly committed an unlawful act or abuse of authority together which resulted in losses to the state .

"From this day , the leadership of the Commission concluded that a crime of corruption by setting SDA ( Suryadharma Ali ) , Minister of Religion as a suspect , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi said the KPK building , Kuningan , Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

Suryadharma suspected of violating Article 2 Paragraph 1 or Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 to -1 in conjunction with Article 66 of the Criminal Code .

Until now , the Commission was still calculating the value of the alleged state losses arising from the Suryadharma actions .

Johan said , the value of the budget that is used for the implementation of the 2012-2013 pilgrimage to Rp 1 trillion more . Johan also stated , determination Suryadharma who is also Chairman of the United Development Party was not related to politics .



Ridwan Kamil Ask “Park Ranger” Appreciated

Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil , Bandung asked residents to appreciate the special officers park ranger Park Ranger named .

The man who was familiarly called Emil said , the task of maintaining the cleanliness of the park is not only the responsibility of Park Ranger course , but the responsibility of all parties .

" I entrusted to the citizens of London in order to appreciate their work , do not nyampah on the street and in the park , " said Emil in Bandung , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

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Emil explains , now there are 51 people appointed to be a Park Ranger . They are tasked to take care of cleanliness in the 15 parks in the city of Bandung .

" His job is to work every day except Fridays , hygiene , care of the park and the surrounding environment , " he said .

To make it look uniform , the Park Ranger is given the attributes of a vest and hat .

Emil hope , this year the entire park can be maintained by the Park Ranger . ” We will evaluate this year . Targets throughout the park should be a park ranger her . Garden is small enough two people , a large park like garden could be six elderly people , ” he said .



Running, Thief DVD Players Dropped from Toll Bridge

Two thieves DVD players in Wangunharja , North Cikarang , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) , fell from the bridge tolls while fleeing . One of the thieves was killed instantly .

" He fell himself from the top of an unfinished motorway process , " said Chief of Police Criminal Investigation Unit of the North Cikarang AKP Bobby Kusumawardhana in Cikarang , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

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According to Bobby , the thief who was killed was named Agam or Gama . Gama and his friend are stealing Cloudy . However , Cahya survived . He was not killed in the accident . Cloudy has now been secured by police officers .

Bobby said , the two actors previously went to the house of a villager named Iyom Nursiti . Performers take one unit of home appliance Iyom DVD players . Then , the second offender fled on a motorbike . They fled toward the highway unfinished process. Allegedly , actors do not memorize lost because of the region’s roads .

The perpetrator was carrying his bike at high speed so as not to realize that they pass a toll bridge recently completed half. They were immediately dropped . When the investigation , police found knives and sharp weapons in the form of sacks DVD player in it . Currently , Gama has been taken to hospital for autopsy Kramat Jati .



Prone Robber, Pasar Rebo Flyover Controlled

East Jakarta Mayor , Krisdianto , ordered the municipal police and the police also helped oversee the sector to Pasar Rebo Flyover , Ciracas , routinely . This needs to be done because of the rise of violent crime in those locations .

" The police and the municipal police can at least control . Least able to conduct surveillance , " said Krisdianto when found in Rawamangun , Pulogadung , East Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .

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Krisdianto say , the rise of violent crime in that location due to the many street vendors ( PKL ) who sell on the bridge . It is also inviting riders , mostly young people , to make it the place to hang out .

At night , the location became quiet . The young people also take advantage of the site for dating . On the other hand , there are persons who take advantage of this condition to perform criminal acts .

" Crime happens because there is a chance it and chances of offenders . Perhaps the culprit when it was passed , and then he saw someone going out , and the condition is also quiet , utilized the opportunity and chance it , " said Krisdianto .

Krisdianto continue , it will also put out calls for vendors no longer trade on the site . The community is asked not to congregate in these places .

" We will discuss whether the possible need for additional signs . Example plea for not going out and not sell at the first bridge . , But later this will be discussed further in the coordination meetings ( coordination meeting ) with the Transportation Department , " said Krisdianto .

In Kompas.com record , at least three criminal cases have occurred in Pasar Rebo Flyover . Two cases of which caused fatalities while the other victims suffered injuries as a result of robbery jab .

Muchlis and lover Iin , Monday ( 10/03/2014 ) and then , robbed while making love in the middle of the bridge around 21:00 . The culprit is the two unidentified youths rode Honda motorcycles Supra .

There is also Supono ( 36 ) . He was robbed on the bridge , Saturday ( 05/04/2014 ) . Supono dying of wounds sickle slashes in the chest and abdomen to his left , after the offender took money and his cell phone .

While the latter case , Ari Winata ( 21 ) . He died stabbed in the same place when alone with her ​​lover BC , on Tuesday ( 5/13/2014 ) morning . Initially , the perpetrator took girlfriend Ari phone . However , when the offender demanded money , the victim did not give . The perpetrator then stab Ari . After the act, the robbers numbering two men ran off .;’



This afternoon Prabowo SBY-Hatta Met, What?

Ketua Umum Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) Hatta Rajasa yang juga Menteri Koordinator Perekonomian akan bertemu dengan Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono di Istana Negara, Jakarta, Selasa (13/5/2014) sore nanti. Hatta direncanakan tak datang sendirian. Ia akan hadir bersama bakal calon presiden Partai Gerindra, Prabowo Subianto.

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Kabar soal wacana Hatta mundur dari kursi menteri pun menyebar. Hal ini tak lepas dari sinyal kuat pencalonan Hatta sebagai bakal calon wakil presiden bagi Prabowo. Benarkah Hatta akan mengajukan pengunduran dirinya hari ini kepada Presiden?

Wakil Ketua Umum PAN Dradjad Wibowo tak membenarkan dan juga tak membantah kabar tersebut. Namun, Dradjad mengaku PAN memiliki prinsip bahwa sebaiknya bakal capres dan cawapres tidak memegang jabatan publik.

"Ini menunjukkan moral politik yang tinggi. Jika masih memegang jabatan publik, sebagai Menko dan sebagainya, terkesan haus kekuasaan, takut kehilangan jabatan," kata Dradjad saat dihubungi, Selasa.

Koalisi PAN dengan Partai Gerindra memang sudah hampir pasti dilakukan. Pada Senin (12/5/2014), bahkan Hatta menyatakan dengan tegas bahwa partainya resmi berkoalisi dengan Partai Gerindra.

Deklarasi koalisi ini akan dilakukan dalam rapat kerja nasional (rakernas) PAN pada Rabu (14/5/2014). Rencananya, dalam rakernas itu, Prabowo juga akan hadir. Koalisi PAN dan Gerindra pun memuat satu klausul kesepakatan duet Hatta-Prabowo. Dradjad sempat menyebutkan bahwa duet keduanya tinggal menunggu “ijab kabul”.

Dengan kehadiran Hatta bersama Prabowo menghadap SBY hari ini, duet keduanya pun semakin nyata. Jika PAN resmi bergabung dengan Gerindra, maka Gerindra mulai mewujudkan ambisinya membangun koalisi besar.

Sebelum PAN, Gerindra sudah mendapat mitra koalisi Partai Persatuan Pembangunan (PPP). Selain itu, Gerindra juga tengah mendekati Partai Keadilan Sejahtera. Tim lobi kedua partai sudah intensif bertemu, tetapi belum diketahui ada pernyataan resmi PKS melabuhkan pilihannya kepada Gerindra.