2,000 Homes Burned, 12 Killed in Fires in Chile

Forest fires are still raging in the city of Valparaiso , Chile , which began last Saturday . A total of 2,000 homes have been destroyed by fire , 12 people were killed roast .

Reported by Reuters on Sunday, April 13, 2014 , thousands of people evacuated by air to escape from the flames . The fire is getting bigger because of the strong Pacific winds , burned 700 hectares of forest land and settlements in the hills , the La Cruz and Las Canas .

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Fire fighting is done by dropping water from a plane or helicopter . It’s been two days blackouts done , the fire still redden city , black smoke was still billowing in the air .

At least 2,000 soldiers were deployed to the scene , and 1,250 firefighters tried to extinguish the fire . A total of 17 fire- derived aircraft . The area is hilly and narrow streets make outages of landline difficult.

Controlled fire can be a bit on Sunday . ” Still not fully extinguished , ” said a local government official , Ricardo Bravo .

President Michelle Bachelet declared a state of emergency and sent troops to secure the city . Marines seen patrolling the streets , while ambulances descended to care for residents who have difficulty breathing or injured .

More than 10,000 people were evacuated occupy camps . More than 500 families lost their homes .

" We try to remember our home form , but no longer . We will rebuild , " said the resident , Jose Miguel Rivera , 59 , whose home had become ashes .


OnePlus One Will Release in 16 Countries, Including Indonesia?

New vendors , OnePlus continue to campaign their first flagship smartphone , the One . Much awaited by some gadget lover , OnePlus One is ready to be released in 16 countries around the world . Is Indonesia?

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Through its official Facebook account OnePlus , the company has released a sneak picture detailing the countries that are going to get their flagship smartphone . Including visible only Austria and Germany but the rest of the 14 slots are still dark and secret.

13oneplus One Release Countries Countries 1Oneplus One Release 1

Of the number of other countries that will get the Smartphone One kemungjunan would include China and the United States ( U.S. ) , as reported by GSMArena .

One OnePlus also expected to be released in Indonesia , because Indonesia is a developing country that has the potential to market the gadget .

Gradually OnePlus may reveal other countries until 23 April tomorrow . OnePlus One is also expected to be released at the price of € 350 in the European market .

OnePlus One will be released with Android OS CyanogenMod KitKat , equipped with a quad - core 2.5 GHz Krait Snapdragon chipset CPU 801 this phone will also combined with 3 GB of RAM . In addition to the 5.5 -inch screen 1080 pixels , this phone will be equipped denngan non-removable battery capacity of 3,100 mAh , 13MP camera lens from Sony Exmor IMX214 6 at 5 MP at rear and front . storage options will be 16 GB and 64 GB .


Police hunting three employees skipper meatballs in Tangerang

Mystery death of skipper meatballs in Suwarno ( 40 ) , in the freezer is still under investigation by the police . Police are still hunting for the existence of three employees who worked in the shop meatballs victim .

" We’re still doing the investigation , " said Invisible Criminal Tangerang City Police , Commissioner Siswo Yowono while journalists confirmed on Saturday ( 12/04/2014 ) .

Siswo also said , after the death of the victim in his meatball shop , Bhayangkara Road , RT 01 / 01 , # 9 , Village Nails Jaya , District of North Serpong , South Tangerang ( Tangerang ) , Friday, April 11, 2014 evening , three employees were also stolen .

" We’re still looking for a third , " he said simply .

Asked whether this vile act leads to the third , Siswo reluctant to answer it clearly . He just said the case is being investigated further.

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Previously reported , the police found a number of injuries on the victim ‘s body in anataranya at the back waist , back , bruises , bloody throat cut and head after while identifying victims evacuated from the freezer .


XL and Axis Official So One Company

XL Axiata telecom companies and Axis Telekom Indonesia has now become a business entity after the two signed the deed of merger , Tuesday ( 04/08/2014 ) .

With this merger , XL and Axis means united into one entity serving more than 65 million subscribers in Indonesia . President Director and CEO of XL Axiata , Hasnul Suhaimi said this merger marks the start of the consolidation of the telecommunications industry in Indonesia .

" We thank and high appreciation for the support of all stakeholders , especially regulators , shareholders and consumers XL and Axis , so that the merger can ultimately be realized , " Hasnul said in a press release .

Hasnul promising this merger will provide better service and reach more customers throughout Indonesia .

XL completing payment transactions amounted to 865 million U.S. dollars to acquire Axis on March 19, 2014 .

After this , the two companies will carry out the integration in all areas , including network integration , customers , tariff system , until the employee resources . The integration will be led by Ongki Kurniawan , Chief Service Management Officer of XL Axiata . Once the integration is complete , the baton will be back to Hasnul .

It is not known how many employees Axis and divisions will be recruited by XL . Hasnul just said Axis will hire employees in accordance with company requirements .

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For a while XL will retain the brand , services , and Axis rates in order to maintain customer comfort . Later , Axis customers who want to do consulting or complaints can be served at the XL Center


Malaysia Not Ready to Announce MH370 Missing

More than a month , Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft has not been found . Search still continued in the area south of the Indian Ocean near Perth , Australia .

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak , Monday, March 24, 2014 evening , announce that the MH370 journey ended in the Indian Ocean . But until now there has been no physical evidence obtained .

Acting ( Acting ) Minister of Transport Malaysia Hishammuddin Hussein said it was not yet ready to announce the certainty that the aircraft lost MH370 . The Malaysian government will consult with the crew , investigators , and other countries before ensuring that the Boeing 777 - 200ER was missing .

" This is the best step . All of this depends on the decision to move forward , determine the time , serving families and passengers , " said Hishammuddin , as published in the Wall Street Journal cited Liputan6.com , Tuesday ( 04/08/2014 ) .

The Malaysian government has previously stated that all passengers , which numbered 239 people , confirmed there were no survivors . But Hishammuddin later said it still prioritizes search passengers . Miracles can happen .

" Passengers who survived remain our top priority . Again I reiterate it . Our family always told passengers that a miracle could happen . We will continue to seek and pray , " said Hishamuddin .

Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people , disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing . The aircraft is believed to have an accident in the southern Indian Ocean , although the objects related to the plane has yet to be found . (see also: pakan burung)

Currently the search is performed in an area of 2,000 km from Perth , Australia . Search intensified because the active period immediately discharged battery black box and found the signal ” ping ” around the area .
source: http://news. liputan6 .com/

Facebook Teams Up NASA Test Satellite Technology

Facebook seeks to do everything to strengthen its position as the most popular social media universal feast . They are strengthening the development of satellite technology by cooperating with the United States space agency , NASA .

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" This venture is a way to connect the Internet from the sky , " said Chief Executive Officer of Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg , through his Facebook account , which is reported by the New York Times , Thursday, March 27, 2014 .

Zuckerberg said the technology trial satellites they do run well . Facebook laboratory utilizing satellite technology with laser technology and solar power supplier drone . ” The technology already provide Internet access for three million people in the Philippines and Paraguay , ” he said .

The technology is expected to be operated from the sky to make more and more Internet access around the world . Zuckerberg said Facebook Laboratory are focused add new technology .

" We are thinking of ways to connect more people , but with fixed costs , " said director of Facebook Labs , Yael Maguire . He said that explores social networking as much as possible making opportunity Internet access from the sky

The team of NASA researchers are partnering with Facebook derived from the Jet Propulsion Lab division and Ames Research Center . In addition to holding NASA , Facebook has bought a British technology company called Ascenta .

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Ascenta has created drone supplier of solar power . Five experts were recruited Acsenta will create a similar plane which is a special order Facebook .

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Defend the vulture of South Asia

Step of protection activities to be taken now if , vulture is will no longer staying in South Asia and other India , CBD being held in Hyderabad, India currently ( Convention on Biological Diversity ) COP-11 in I warned the NGO. Vulture in excess of several million birds had once inhabited the South Asia , but its 99% disappeared in the last decade .

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Assad , director of Dr. Ramani : ( partner of India BNHS) told the Bombay Natural History Society “This is the fastest reduction of bird was reported so far anywhere in the world . ” He said.

Unlike other birds that habitat destruction and poaching is endangered because , I am disappearing for drug called diclofenac vulture . The Government of India did you forbid veterinary use this medicine to protect the vulture in 2006 , but it’s still used in practice. Now , diclofenac has been used as an analgesic for people I have been diverted to veterinary . And require that government to the norm drug this , Ramani Dr. said vulture that ate the carcasses of livestock that died also be formulated diclofenac and will die within 3 to 10 .

He said, ” According to the study of India veterinarian laboratory , failure occurs in the kidney in the vulture like this , . Never to heal ” he said.

He emphasized that ” diclofenac . ‘s Lethal as blue oxide for vulture ” he said.

You learned activities ( to protect from extinction the vulture of Asia ) SAVE it in ” to protect the vulture endangered in South Asia ” one of the side events of the CBD COP meeting . In Union of NGO in India and out of the 10 , activities and eliminate the use of diclofenac , launched a protection breeding program , in preparation for Hocho of vulture future , SAVE Area of 100km radius was decontaminated intensive diclofenac I am standing at the beginning of the activity of creating as ’ vulture safe zone ’ the .

Vulture of 4-5 one million birds have lived once in India , several thousand birds are only just left now. Vulture all three of South Asia has been specified for Ⅰ A class endangered in the Red List of the IUCN ( World Conservation Union) .

We emphasized the vulture conservation by the government of South Asian countries in ” vulture revival program in South Asia ” side events of second , but the line in order to advance the ’ vulture revival in the region Asia South ’ by the IUCN to it I stayed initiative that we be included . This is based on the local Declaration on vulture protection Bangladesh , which was adopted in 2012 , India , Nepal , by the Pakistani government , which has given the unprecedented opportunity to advance the cooperation of four countries .

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SAVE has been highlighted as the loss of ecosystem services important special loss of vulture . It is left to leave dead animals to rot now , it has become a major health problem and refuse disposal problem . Attack stray dogs , dog , such as the risk of rabies is increasing . There is such as loss of income of farmers with agricultural land that are unavailable three weeks for animal carcasses corrupt and pollution of ground water in other effects . Loss of vulture has a profound social impact on the community of some . For example, a Parsi family , which has been a tradition on from the old days to give the vulture in the ’ tower of silence ’ the body of the dead man , Panjrapores Jain ( animal shelter ) was also dependent on the vulture .

source:http://www. birdlife-asia .org/

More Close With Stamps “Indonesian Endangered Birds”

Burung Indonesia in collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry , Ministry of Communications and Information Technology , and PT . Pos Indonesia has launched a stamp series ” Indonesian Endangered Birds ” once signed First Day Cover ( FDC ) in Bogor on Sunday ( July 15 ) . Unique stamps were printed in sheets of 50 thousand and 300 thousand minisheet form sheet for fullsheet .

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Four types of endangered birds that adorn the stamp is endemic bird species that are endangered in the Wallacea region . The fourth type is the eagle flores ( Nisaetus florist ) , plop Siau ( Otus siaoensis ) , mandar drum ( Habroptila wallacii ) , and bird - honey Sangihe ( Aethopyga duyvenbodei ) .

Eagles flores ( Nisaetus florist )

Eagles flores ( Nisaetus florist ) is 71-82 cm sized bird that is only found on the island of Lombok ( at Rinjani National Park boundary ) , Sumbawa and Flores , as well as small island Satonda and Rinca . Large eagle type of resident is only found in the lowland forest at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level ( asl ) .

As one kind of bird of prey in the tropics , eagles flores believed to have specialized to dense forest conditions , by developing hunting techniques like other tropical birds of prey : hunting from perches and melalang globe utilize hot air flow ( thermal soaring ) .
In 2004, after making approaches to genetics, morphology and distribution pattern , the taxonomists assign types closely related to the hawk eagle ( Nisaetus cirrhatus ) is a type of its own .

Unlike the parent taxa , groups eagle Hawk - eagle is larger , without crest and no significant morphological differences between the levels of the child’s age ( juvenile ) and adult (adult ) , as well as the eagle or hawk - eagle Hawk eagle group other . Thus , eagles flores is endemic taxa and limited spread in Nusa Tenggara , Indonesia .

Based on the findings and the constants of the results of the genetic study , the experts then set clan Spizaetus in Southeast Asia as Nisaetus , reinforce the difference with Hawk - eagle in South America ( which will be retained as Spizaetus ) , and negate the clan Spizaetus in Africa .
The population is only 100 pairs and declining trend due to habitat destruction and loss compounded by arrests and illegal trade , making The World Conservation Union ( IUCN ) in 2009 set as the type Critical eagles flores ( Critically Endangered / CR ) .

Plop Siau ( Otus siaoensis )

Plop Siau ( Otus siaoensis ) is an owl that is included in group Strigidae . Existence of this type of information is only based on specimens collected Siau Island , North Sulawesi , in 1866 . Previously , bird measuring 17 cm is considered child plop kind of embarrassment ( Otus magicus ) set up in 1998 as a separate type that is only found on the island of Siau .

Plop Siau is the only kind of plop contained on Siau Island . This depends on forests and other such plop members , suspected forages for invertebrates night .

This bird is known as an endemic species that live only on the island of Siau in Islands District Sitaro ( Siau - Tagulandang - Biaro ) , North Sulawesi . Siau Island including small island with Mount Karangetang , a very active volcano , in the north . While in the middle of the island there Tamata Mountain , an extinct volcano that is no longer active . Forest remaining on the island of Siau is very narrow and is located atop Mount Tamata .

Until 1995 plop Siau known habitat still exists around Lake Kepetta located in the southern part of the island of Siau . But the forest has been living a bit that is then opened and used as agricultural land . Remaining forests are just around the summit of Mount Tamata of 50 acres, at altitudes above 800 m .

It is estimated that the population is not more than 50 mature individuals . The small habitat in accordance with the estimated rate of deforestation on the island of Siau high enough to make this kind of critical status ( Critically Endangered / CR ) . A comprehensive survey is needed to supplement the information ecology and population size .

Mandar drum ( Habroptila wallacii )

Mandar drum ( Habroptila wallacii ) is a type that is only found on the island of Halmahera , North Maluku . Bird measures 40 cm which can not fly the body predominantly dark gray fur brownish on the wings , lower back and tail . Long and powerful beak

This mystery bird is estimated to inhabit remote forests dense sago swamps are difficult to access . The unique behavior like sneaking makes it difficult to view. Based on the loss of habitat as a result of commercial harvesting sago , mandar drum population is expected to continue to decline as well as a result of predators and hunting activities . However , a survey conducted in 2008 and the Indonesian Bird 2010 successfully add important information related to breeding and ecology mandar drum in the wild .

Necessary to supplement the lack of intensive surveys of this type of information . Its population is estimated at between 2500-9999 adult individuals . International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources ( IUCN ) set status Vulnerable ( Vulnerable / VU ) .

Bird - honey Sangihe ( Aethopyga duyvenbodei )

Bird - honey Sangihe ( Aethopyga duyvenbodei ) is a species of bird - sized 12 cm honey that can only be found in the Sangihe Island , North Sulawesi . This bird has a bright color , as is generally the color of the honey bird . Characteristic of this especially the male bird is having fur earmuffs and rear collar purple - red , green - and - crowned metallic blue , yellow and olive -colored back . While the female has a paler color .

On the island of Sangihe , this bird is highly dependent on natural forests , although it can be found in mixed plantations , coconut groves and forest edge adjacent to primary forest at an altitude of up to 1,000 m above sea level ( asl ) .

Habit is looking for coconut nectar at flowers and other flowers , searching for invertebrates behind foliage , and often visited the plant that is rich in insects . Typically , these birds seen alone or in pairs and sometimes in groups with mixed types of other birds or bird - honey chili .
Density is very low , except in a single location : Mountain Sahendaruman . Wild population is estimated at between 13000-29000 adult individuals .

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The shrinking of primary and secondary forests cause The World Conservation Union ( IUCN ) placed the type of Genting

source:http:// burung .org/